Keychron Reveals Its K3 Pro Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For PCs And Macs

2022-11-25 01:03:15 By : Ms. Hily Xiong

The new Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard can be used with wired or wireless connections. The ... [+] low-profile switches and compact layout make it comfortable to type on, especially on small desks.

Mechanical computer keyboards are a hot-ticket item right now. Logitech has been doing a roaring trade with its new MX range of mechanical models and now Keychron, one of the better-known brands, has announced a new compact mechanical keyboard aimed at people without much desk space. Terminal Blocks

Keychron Reveals Its K3 Pro Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For PCs And Macs

The new Keychron K3 Pro is an ultra-slim mechanical keyboard offering wireless and wired connections. It has a 75% layout and is a compact version of a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard but still has all the essential multimedia and function keys that a power user needs, all in a small footprint. The K3 Pro is compatible with macOS, Windows and Android; the layout can be changed with a physical switch.

The K3 Pro is innovative and the first low-profile and wireless mechanical keyboard with support QMK/VIA. Users can configure their keyboard to suit specific tasks using this firmware flash and customizing software. The K3 Pro is the first low-profile model with double-shot PBT keycaps and RGB backlighting. And if RGB lighting isn’t your thing, there’s a plain version with a regular white LED backlight.

The K3 Pro mechanical keyboard from Keychron is Mac and PC compatible and makes a nice alternative ... [+] to the Apple Magic keyboard.

Thanks to full QMK/VIA support, the K3 Pro can have its keys remapped and programmed with macro commands, shortcuts or a combination of key presses on separate layers, even when used on macOS, Windows or Linux⁠. With the capability to work over Bluetooth or via a USB-C cable, users can connect the K3 Pro with up to three devices, whether a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Unlike many mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K3 Pro has a Mac layout while still being able to work with Windows. Spare keycaps are provided with the keyboard for Windows and Mac layouts.

The switches used on the K3 Pro are 12.2mm low-profile types from Gateron. These switches are 31% slimmer than conventional keyboard switches, which usually measure 17.9mm. If you opt for the hot-swappable version, the switches on the K3 Pro can be easily swapped out for any other low-profile Gateron switches. Swappable switches enable the keyboard's feel to be customized without a soldering iron. Whether you want linear, tactile or clicky switches, new ones can be popped in without fuss or expert knowledge.

The K3 Pro has a mix of grey, graphite and red keycaps. The keys are finished with an oil resistant ... [+] coating to ensure they offer a long service life.

I’ve tested the Keychron K3 Pro. It’s an exceptionally comfortable keyboard to type on and has the wonderfully distinctive tactile response that only a mechanical model can offer. Most macOS media keys work fine and can double as function keys. However, the Exposé keys don’t work straight out of the box, although it’s possible to customize them using function keys instead.

The overall height of the K3 Pro is 22mm at the rear, gently sloping to 17mm at the front. There are a couple of sets of flip-out legs at the rear, offering two separate tilt settings of 6˚ and 9˚. The K3 Pro’s double-shot PBT keycaps have a durable, oil-resistant finish for long-term durability. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts about two weeks of average use before it needs topping up. With the backlights activated, the battery life is considerably shorter.

Verdict: The wireless Keychron K3 Pro is a brilliant compact keyboard with excellent tactile feedback you can only get with mechanical switches. I tested the Brown Gateron switches, which feel a nice blend of quiet and clicky. However, you can order the K3 Pro with Gateron Red, Blue or Brown switches. If you’re short of deskspace and want a keyboard that can pair with three devices while offering extensive programmability, the Keychron K3 Pro is the ideal choice. The grey, graphite and red colored keycaps look very smart and make a welcome change from the standard white Apple Magic keyboard. For the price, this is a superb compact keyboard that’s accurate and pleasurable to type with. Highly recommended.

Pricing & Availability: The Keychron K3 Pro mechanical wireless keyboard is available on the Kickstarter platform at an early bird price of $89 (usually $94). Three models are available: white backlit, RBG backlit and RGB with hot-swappable switches.

Keychron Reveals Its K3 Pro Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For PCs And Macs

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